EMPOWERING WOMEN – A series of 14 Metawalks (deep Metaphoric meditations)


EMPOWERING WOMEN – A series of 14 Metawalks (deep Metaphoric meditations)
This is held online in a chatroom.
This series will start Sunday September 9, 2018 @ 7pm EST and continue each Sunday night for 14 weeks on Zoom. Session is approx. 30 minutes. You will also be invited into a Facebook support group. A release must be signed and returned before the sessions start. Cost 35.00US. Deposit of 15.00US required to hold your spot must be received by paypal.me/smallelk by August 15, 2018 Designed to enhance the most common metaphors running within our unconscious minds and eradicate the most common sabotage patterns found in everyone. smallelk@sesacredenergy.com for more info or to register. Dolores (Smallelk) Chiasson, Reverse Speech Practitioner Certification supplied on request.
TESTIMONIAL: I’m so excited to see this happening!!!! In my experience of your sessions, I have to say that the most profound and also simple understandings are released through your Metawalks.
14 LIFE-PERSPECTIVE-RECOGNITION EXPERIENCES for a very humble amount of dollars. I hope 100 people will make this journey with you. I’m first, though. I’m elbowing my way to the top of your waiting list. GA

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