Metawalk for empowerment

I am now offering Metawalk journeys. These will be offered on a donation basis so I can keep this work coming to you. Click on my services to donate or email

A Metawalk is a trance like journey using metaphors in a vision with different goals.
One that I will be offering is to increase abundance or manifestation in what ever you are working on at the moment.
A second Metawalk I will be offering will be in two parts, two Saturday mornings in a row. This Metawalk is to assist women in increasing their power. My goal is to assist women who find themselves in situations that they don’t know how to get out of. Many of us have been there at one time. We don’t think we have choices or the strength to change our situations.
In the weeks following these Metawalks you will begin feeling, sensing your decision making comes easier. New ideas you didn’t realize before. Subtle changes in your inner energy.
For those in a different part of the world these Metawalks are worth setting your alarm, stumbling to your computer and logging in for 20 minutes.

First Metawalk will be on increasing Abundance\Manifestation

February 18, 2017 at 9am EST

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Warning on Cobra to Awaken Energy

The journey with Cobra to Awaken Energy is very powerful and comes with a WARNING!

it is important to be aware that some initiations are not appropriate for all people at all times. So if you have an intuitive flash to wait, you should listen. You will know when the time is right – when you are in a state of psychological and physical readiness. I speak at length about this before the journey starts as this is said to awaken KUNDALINI.

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I will be a guest on David Oates Radio Show for Reverse Speech

David Oates is the Creator of Reverse Speech and my teacher. I will be a guest on his radio show this Friday in the Second Hour of the show. See show times below.
This Weeks Show Outline
Show Date: Friday the 2nd of December 2-4 PM PST (US West Coast) or Saturday 9-11 AM AEDT Sydney time
Show Repeat Times: Saturday 11 AM – 1 PM (London Saturday 7 PM – 9 PM) – and Saturday 5-7 PM
First Hour: General Reversals
Second Hour: Guest Dolores Chiasson, Reverse Speech Investigator
You can listen live here:

I will be on the 2nd half of the show on Friday night Dec. 2

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Introduction to Shamanism Course

When the Student is ready the Teacher appears! Are you ready for this journey? Once you start to shine your light, there is no turning back!
I have practised and studied Shamanism for over 15 years. In another month I will have my Bachelor of Shamanism certification.
Introduction to Shamanism is a 12 week course on a beginners level of Shamanism. This course will cover several topics including Herbs, Totems and Allies, Healing Work, Medicine Wheel, Chakras, Vibration, Journey Techniques to name a few.
This course is accredited with WMA (World Metaphysical Association) and counts towards WMA’s requirements towards their certification as a Metaphysical Practitioner.
The fee is 150.00 CDN funds and can be paid in two instalments before the start date of July 13, 2016
Email me @ to get registered and I will send an invoice by paypal.
This course will be held where you would register for a free membership. Then once you are registered for the course I would email you the link for the classroom and the password. All lessons will be recorded.

                                                        Primal Energy