FLFE Focused Life Force Energy

This source (frequency) doesn’t cost anything during the 2 week house clearing trial or the mobile phone (on the move) trial. Bank details are only taken if you subscribe after the trial. If interested click on the link below to go to their website . It is my opinion the more people who know about flfe and raising consciousness the better.
Information taken from F-L-F-E: The service creates a high-consciousness field which supports the experience of an energetic sanctuary, similar in many ways to classic historically verified pilgrimage sites. The high-consciousness field is positive, high-vibrating and at a minimum of 560 level of consciousness (LOC) on the Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness. The FLFE technology activates an energy within the environment that has always been there. It does not send microwave energy or any kind of EMFs energy to a property..


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EMPOWERING WOMEN – A series of 14 Metawalks (deep Metaphoric meditations)

EMPOWERING WOMEN – A series of 14 Metawalks (deep Metaphoric meditations)
This is held online in a chatroom.
This series will start Sunday September 9, 2018 @ 7pm EST and continue each Sunday night for 14 weeks on Zoom. Session is approx. 30 minutes. You will also be invited into a Facebook support group. A release must be signed and returned before the sessions start. Cost 35.00US. Deposit of 15.00US required to hold your spot must be received by paypal.me/smallelk by August 15, 2018 Designed to enhance the most common metaphors running within our unconscious minds and eradicate the most common sabotage patterns found in everyone. smallelk@sesacredenergy.com for more info or to register. Dolores (Smallelk) Chiasson, Reverse Speech Practitioner Certification supplied on request.
TESTIMONIAL: I’m so excited to see this happening!!!! In my experience of your sessions, I have to say that the most profound and also simple understandings are released through your Metawalks.
14 LIFE-PERSPECTIVE-RECOGNITION EXPERIENCES for a very humble amount of dollars. I hope 100 people will make this journey with you. I’m first, though. I’m elbowing my way to the top of your waiting list. GA

Reverse Speech Sessions

Summer discounted price 35.00US until end of August 2018
This is held in an online chatroom.
Resolve Situations or Problems by hearing your subconscious with Reverse Speech
You choose WHAT to discover by speaking of your goals, finances, increase sales, relationships or depression etc
Sessions are extremely effective in getting to the root of issues both physical and psychological. The Reverse Speech Private Session process is like no other form of Personal Development you may have experienced, and always delivering quicker, longer lasting results. Why not take the next step, change your life, and rewire your unconscious for success! Ask for more info on 20 minute RS interview or 8 week private session work with Smallelk
Certified Reverse Speech Practitioner – Dolores aka Smallelk
Go here to read testimonials: http://www.sesacredenergy.com/reverse-speech-

Shewolf Metawalk Group

I am restarting the SHEWOLF metawalk group!
This is a group of people that would like to do a series of ongoing metawalks with SHEWOLF. The membership would be 45.00 once a year to join and enjoy ongoing metawalks. We all have to be committed to attending the metawalk the first Sunday of each month @ 9pm EST This will be held in a chat room on Intuitalks.

We would work on a new goal each week as a pack of Shewolfs. We could get ideas on what we would like to be worked on. For eg. a session could be for one of us in particular to build their business. Then the Pack works on this together in the metawalk as a pack. But I would need at least 3 people join to do wolf PACK work because we need numbers for a PACK. Please post or email me at smallelk@sesacredenergy.com if you are interested and we will see how many we can get for our wolf Pack.

Metawalk for empowerment

I am now offering Metawalk journeys. These will be offered on a donation basis so I can keep this work coming to you. Click on my services to donate or email smallelk@sescredenergy.com

A Metawalk is a trance like journey using metaphors in a vision with different goals.
One that I will be offering is to increase abundance or manifestation in what ever you are working on at the moment.
A second Metawalk I will be offering will be in two parts, two Saturday mornings in a row. This Metawalk is to assist women in increasing their power. My goal is to assist women who find themselves in situations that they don’t know how to get out of. Many of us have been there at one time. We don’t think we have choices or the strength to change our situations.
In the weeks following these Metawalks you will begin feeling, sensing your decision making comes easier. New ideas you didn’t realize before. Subtle changes in your inner energy.
For those in a different part of the world these Metawalks are worth setting your alarm, stumbling to your computer and logging in for 20 minutes.

First Metawalk will be on increasing Abundance\Manifestation

February 18, 2017 at 9am EST

My Show

Warning on Cobra to Awaken Energy

The journey with Cobra to Awaken Energy is very powerful and comes with a WARNING!

it is important to be aware that some initiations are not appropriate for all people at all times. So if you have an intuitive flash to wait, you should listen. You will know when the time is right – when you are in a state of psychological and physical readiness. I speak at length about this before the journey starts as this is said to awaken KUNDALINI.

I will be a guest on David Oates Radio Show for Reverse Speech

David Oates is the Creator of Reverse Speech and my teacher. I will be a guest on his radio show this Friday in the Second Hour of the show. See show times below.
This Weeks Show Outline
Show Date: Friday the 2nd of December 2-4 PM PST (US West Coast) or Saturday 9-11 AM AEDT Sydney time
Show Repeat Times: Saturday 11 AM – 1 PM (London Saturday 7 PM – 9 PM) – and Saturday 5-7 PM
First Hour: General Reversals
Second Hour: Guest Dolores Chiasson, Reverse Speech Investigator
You can listen live here:
listlive2 http://davidoates.com/radioshows/

I will be on the 2nd half of the show on Friday night Dec. 2