FLFE Focused Life Force Energy

This source (frequency) doesn’t cost anything during the 2 week house clearing trial or the mobile phone (on the move) trial. Bank details are only taken if you subscribe after the trial. If interested click on the link below to go to their website . It is my opinion the more people who know about flfe […]

EMPOWERING WOMEN – A series of 14 Metawalks (deep Metaphoric meditations)

EMPOWERING WOMEN – A series of 14 Metawalks (deep Metaphoric meditations) This is held online in a chatroom. This series will start Sunday September 9, 2018 @ 7pm EST and continue each Sunday night for 14 weeks on Zoom. Session is approx. 30 minutes. You will also be invited into a Facebook support group. A […]

Reverse Speech Sessions

Summer discounted price 35.00US until end of August 2018 This is held in an online chatroom. Resolve Situations or Problems by hearing your subconscious with Reverse Speech You choose WHAT to discover by speaking of your goals, finances, increase sales, relationships or depression etc Sessions are extremely effective in getting to the root of issues […]

Shewolf Metawalk Group

ANNOUNCEMENT I am restarting the SHEWOLF metawalk group! This is a group of people that would like to do a series of ongoing metawalks with SHEWOLF. The membership would be 45.00 once a year to join and enjoy ongoing metawalks. We all have to be committed to attending the metawalk the first Sunday of each […]

Metawalk for empowerment

I am now offering Metawalk journeys. These will be offered on a donation basis so I can keep this work coming to you. Click on my services to donate or email smallelk@sescredenergy.com A Metawalk is a trance like journey using metaphors in a vision with different goals. One that I will be offering is to […]

Warning on Cobra to Awaken Energy

The journey with Cobra to Awaken Energy is very powerful and comes with a WARNING! it is important to be aware that some initiations are not appropriate for all people at all times. So if you have an intuitive flash to wait, you should listen. You will know when the time is right – when […]

I will be a guest on David Oates Radio Show for Reverse Speech

David Oates is the Creator of Reverse Speech and my teacher. I will be a guest on his radio show this Friday in the Second Hour of the show. See show times below. This Weeks Show Outline Show Date: Friday the 2nd of December 2-4 PM PST (US West Coast) or Saturday 9-11 AM AEDT […]

Power Animal Meditations Part 3

Hope you are enjoying the meditations. Next week we start Part 3 in the series covering Journeys for Awakening We have covered: Part 1 was Preparation and Initiation Part 2 was Foundation Journeys Blessings, Smallelk

Power Animal Meditation Oct 22

I hope you enjoyed the meditation with Elephant today for manifesting and removing obstacles.  Next Saturday Oct 22 I will be out of town but will save the upcoming meditation in the Archives. We will be journeying to Poison Oak for the goal of protection. Blessings, Smallelk

Power Animal Meditations – from Nicki Scully’s book

Power Animal Meditations – by Nicki Scully This meditation series is from the book “Power Animal Meditations” by Nicki Scully. The meditations will be held each Saturday morning @ 9am EST  They will be recorded so those that cannot make this time can listen to the recordings. Hope to see you there!