Shewolf Metawalk Group


I am restarting the SHEWOLF metawalk group!
This is a group of people that would like to do a series of ongoing metawalks with SHEWOLF. The membership would be 45.00 once a year to join and enjoy ongoing metawalks. We all have to be committed to attending the metawalk the first Sunday of each month @ 9pm EST This will be held in a chat room on Intuitalks.

We would work on a new goal each week as a pack of Shewolfs. We could get ideas on what we would like to be worked on. For eg. a session could be for one of us in particular to build their business. Then the Pack works on this together in the metawalk as a pack. But I would need at least 3 people join to do wolf PACK work because we need numbers for a PACK. Please post or email me at if you are interested and we will see how many we can get for our wolf Pack.

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